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The impact of Social Media presence for your Company

The value of corporate social media is rising at high pace. With more and more people joining and using social media sites regularly and efficiently, the social media industry will surely grow in the years to come. It’s like never before booming.
No, the social media wave will not end soon. And if you want it to survive, your business should benefit from it.

With such a tremendous development, every company today needs to make the best possible use of proper social media channels. Not because it sounds easy, but because it is the “in trend,” its target audience hangs around common social networks. And they engage and connect with their favorite brands on various levels.

By giving the social media touch to your company name, you not only create more business but also better communicate and satisfy your customers. In reality, it simplifies your digital marketing.

According to an Ambassador’s infographic, 71% of customers are more likely to suggest a brand to others if their social media experience is positive.

There are a few more social media statistics which show the importance of social media in business without a doubt. To keep up with the competition, your company needs to leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • According to social media statistics for 2019, around the world there are now 3.2 billion users. That’s about 42% of our population today.
  • It is estimated that 68 % of adults based in the U.S. have a Facebook account.
  • Active social media users include 48.2% baby boomers, 77.5% generation X and 90.4% millennials.
  • Interesting data reveals that a person spends on his social media site every day an average of 2 hours 22 minutes including messages.
  • 73 per cent of online marketers believe that their efforts have been successful in implementing their social media marketing strategy.
  • Today, 2 million companies use Facebook advertising to promote their products and services.
Let us now examine the importance of social media in business by analyzing its benefits.

#1: Leverage Social Advertising

Social media publicity may be the new kid on the block, but it grows faster than expected. For example , take Facebook Ads. While the social network introduced ads in 2005, in the first quarter of 2017 it generated ad revenue of 9.16B. This simply shows that social advertising will remain here for a long time.

When more businesses effectively experiment with digital ads, they understand that it makes complete sense to follow the social media advertisement route.

This is why:

  • Lower ad costs: Social ads are not only reliable, but also cheaper, when compared with traditional advertising methods like print media, TV and radio advertising. In addition, before scaling paid ads, you can use various social media channels for free. You are free to grow at your own pace.
  • Target reach: Traditional advertising does not provide you with the luxury to connect social media ads with your target audience. It just doesn’t work like that. When you do offline ads, you take the blind shotgun method, where your returns are low, even though you spend heavily. You meet targeted customers use social media ads, increase the sales and eventually generate higher returns on investment.
  • Real-time performance analysis: Knowing whether or not your ad works to improve it. If you do some kind an of offline ads, you can not evaluate your ad campaign’s results. Which paralyzes your efforts massively. On the other hand, social media ads allow you to continuously monitor how well (or how badly) your ad performs. You can change your ad on the fly and see the results instantly.

Finally, but not least, it is important for companies of all kinds to understand that social media ads are growing larger and smarter. Advertising in social media is where the future is headed. This is the new wave. The new wave. The question is, you ‘re part of it?

#2: Boost Brand Awareness

Social media is a powerful tool to increase your brand awareness. There are companies that reject it as a way to build a brand, but they leave the competitors an open field to do so. In contrast, many renowned marketing managers agree that social media has a definite impact on brand awareness.

It is not rocket science to increase your brand recognition through social media. Here are some ideas on how to do this.

  1. Find your audience: Find out if your target audience is there before you begin focusing on a particular social platform. You may do this by searching for specific product or business conversations. For example, a B2B company can find its audience on LinkedIn instead of on Facebook. Don’t just take other brands or follow them.
  2. Use Visuals: It’s time to take their attention with eye-catching visuals with your content when you know where your target audience is. Images and videos play an important role in helping you develop your social media brand awareness. Since it not only raises participation but also boosts mutual shares.
  3. Creating talks: all social media is about building talks. You will only get so much attention if you use these social platforms for one way communication. Speak and listen instead. Get involved. Get involved. Show your personality through conversation, tagging and mentioning others.
  4. Your Efforts Measure: Don’t just go into darkness. To measure your social media activities, use the tracking tools provided by the platforms (eg: Facebook page insights) along with other external instruments like URL shorteners, Google Analytics, etc. Use your insights to understand what works so that you can optimize your efforts and build a stronger social media brand.
  5. Building authority: work towards building the authority by exchanging real value if you want an improved engagement rate and stronger brand recognition. In addition to borrowed content, your content should also be original as it increases your credibility.

Remember that every step you take to raise brand awareness with social media will have a long-term effect on your overall business growth.

#3: Increase Inbound Traffic

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating targeted traffic. It is the type of traffic that converts, because it’s very significant. However, if you ignore the importance of social media in the business, you are limited to your internal circle of customers or the people who already know your market or brand.

You can create a whole new canal to draw laser targeted inbound traffic and obtain more inbound links by putting more effort into social media promotion.

For example, it’s easy to connect to your audience with fresh content with an active blog. But if you share this content on Twitter or on Facebook (at the right time) your reach increases 10X. Suddenly you reach a larger audience that might like to share your content, follow your brand and ultimately become a client.

Likewise , people who are already actively searching for keywords relating to your product or service are less than those who do not. Social media helps you connect with this larger, untapped market segment.

To help you understand this, Buffer’s Social Media Management Tool offers high quality content through the production and sharing of some of the largest social media networks:

You diversify your marketing efforts in more than one way through the use of social media. You do not reach a single crowd, but connect with a multifaceted customer base. This is important to make a mark in your niche for your brand.

Serious professionals can find your website via LinkedIn, for instance, while younger crowds or millennials are on Instagram. Each piece of social media content you create is a new entrance to new customers. This is another chance for you to connect.

In the end, it contributes to the development of high content that can be published on social media platforms, attracting high-converting input traffic.

#4: Improve Search Engine Optimization

Every seasoned social media marketer knows that social media and search engine optimization have something to do with them. While Google has made it clear that it takes “social signals” into account when ranking a page, it has more to do with this.

Here’s how understanding and working on the importance of social media can help to improve your SEO.

  • Higher chances of web research being found-According to Matt Cutts, Google’s former spam manager, social sharing has no effect on the ranking of your website. But it is a fact that the front of the search engine results pages is dominated by social media properties. In other words, social media profiles actually have the power to rank among the top 10. Social networking accounts are a perfect way to connect with your clients and prospects. You work as a doorway to your website because you show your human side. They inform the search engineer not only about your business, but also make it a part of your discussion.

You create a stronger presence on the web by optimizing your social profiles and keeping them up to date with the right content. You ‘re getting more exposure. And you have many channels to draw people to your company.

  • Capability to reach more people via Social Media Search – When you need to connect to something or someone, you no longer depend on Google Search. Search today is not confined to powerful web search engines. It went beyond that, which is why the latest search engines are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Significant quantities of content are generated and posted on the social network. Users can easily find this content with keyword search, hashtags, etc. You can find new fans to follow, connect and do business with you if you search for the type of content you publish on your social media page. It’s not about the content, it’s about the software maker you are. If people see great content being created and shared, they are interested in who is behind it. This might lead them to look at LinkedIn and learn more about your business. As a business, you should take the necessary steps to distinguish yourself from other competing social media profiles and to avoid duplicating accounts.

The world of social media is changing and the SEO arena is changing. And it is highly likely that social signals will affect your rankings. So why not be armed with useful content by building your presence in social media?

#5: Increase Conversion Rates

Another important thing about business in social media is that it is fantastic for you to catch targeted leads for your company, but it doesn’t end. Obtaining leads in quality is only one part of the equation. The other part is that these are converted to sales.

Can social media help you increase the rate of conversion? Has it the “x” factor to give you the ground for further sales?

The answer is yes, but only if you do that in the right way. Here are some ways to use social media to improve conversion rates.

  • Use it for social proof: According to Wikipedia, “Social proof is a psychological phenomenon known as information social influence, where the actions of others reflect correct behavior in a given situation. You like to believe what most people like to believe. The reason social evidence works is because it gives your prospects a sense of confidence and allows them to know the benefits of your product without being sold. Social media is full of activity that can be used for social evidence. If someone commented on your company’s Facebook post, please use it. When anyone asks you how your company has changed their lives, use it. When someone posts a happy Instagram image of them, use it. See how KWFinder smartly incorporates tweets from its customers on their website as social evidence:
  • Use it for user generated content: It is important to create quality content for social media. But how better can this content be created than if your loyal fans do it for you? You may be mentioned in a positive note by people who follow you on social media that can be used to show them on your social profile. The UGC acts as a social evidence that helps you indirectly to increase conversions. This doesn’t have to occur by chance, too. In fact, you can design it by asking people to share specific content to enable a wide audience to view it. Since you have a decent audience, most social media users are delighted to be able to do so. You have to be creative and ask people about your approach. When Belkin started their Lego iPhone cases, they caught the power of their social community. They asked customers to personalize their cases and share the photos on Instagram in their own way.
  • A ton of customers were pleased to share their individual cases with the right hashtags, as you can see. This allowed Belkin to achieve zero cost visibility and higher conversions.

#6: Satisfy Your Customers

Losing a customer is difficult and getting a new customer is difficult. But it is 10 times easier to retain an existing customer. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be your top priority.

By using social media to connect with your customers, you can monitor what they want, how they face problems and how you can serve them.

To truly satisfy your customers and make their lives easier, you have to offer them personalized and efficient customer service. And that’s what social media helps you.

Customers now know that social media is much more approachable and polite than a manager of a call centre, who has a tough time addressing the question thousands of kilometres. In other words, without the hassle, customers want superior service.

Increasing customer satisfaction with social media includes:

  • Track conversations to see how and in what way your customers speak about your brand.
  • Broadcast important messages, messages and customer offers through a social media platform such as Twitter.
  • Providing timely customer support to consumers who face serious challenges or need assistance with the product or service.
  • Hold regular question and answer sessions with customers to get real feedback and to see how things can be improved.
  • Connect and build a connection to power users or customer advocates to help serve other customers.

Regardless of the social media platform that you use to support your customers , it is important to speak their language and provide them with personalized service.

#7: Enhance Brand Loyalty

Many corporations are trapped in their counts of followers, which are nothing more than a vanity number. It’s not real if your followers aren’t loyal to your brand. There is a difference between a random and loyal follower, because this adds real value.

If you want to maximize your efforts in social media marketing , it is important that you concentrate on increasing brand loyalty. Faithfulness means better engagement and conversation.

Tell any loyal social media adherent about your trusted brand and without pressure they will speak positively about it. This leads to the inevitable word marketing of mouths.

You can enhance brand loyalty on social media by:

  1. A Solid Social Media Strategy – social media platforms evolve, each with its own personality. Facebook is not Twitter, and certainly not LinkedIn for Twitter. This means that you can not use and use the same old, obsolete forms of marketing and advertisement on social media. You need to develop a social media strategy that clearly aligns your objectives with other fields like content marketing, search engine optimisation, etc. This should give you a good idea of what kind of value you can add to your loyal followers of social media. It helps you not only to keep them but also to spread the word to them.
  2. Sharing content based on honesty – There is a reason why your fans are loyal to you. You seek value, which you must always deliver by sharing quality content. For example, it is much easier to share a comprehensive case study than a 500-word post. The more useful and important the content is, the better. Plan how and what kind of content you want to share with the following. By investing time in strategizing the production of content, when you post it, the content will lift your ROI. Don’t rush. Don’t rush. See what separates the material from others. Visual content, for example, earns more shares than normal social media. It means that pictures, videos etc. are free to use as long as they add some meaning.
  3. Being consistent – Your brand is unique in its personality and certain aspects. By defining and distributing these personality attributes, it is easier to relate to the target market. Your goal should be to be consistent in the interactions and maintain the same voice. The content you create / share along with how you communicate with others should represent the personality of your brand.
  4. Answering queries – You might not be a celebration of your social media adherents, but they are looking for responses. And, if you have a valid question, you will get the right answers back to them. They’ll know you ‘re the real deal this way. And that your company really cares about others. But don’t limit your replies to your loyal followers. Go out and hunt for questions with or without partial answers. You can search using specific keywords and check for answers to questions. You establish yourself as an expert or an authority by answering these questions.
  5. Show the human side – While it’s all right to automate your social media posting using a device like Buffer, it’s not all right to do it. Interacting personally with others and humanizing your brand will go a long way. It will keep your fans coming back for more.

Many businesses seek to show themselves as big corporations, which is a mistake. People need people, not cars. This is why you need to connect and engage in real conversations at a more personal level. Even if only for the sake of interaction.


The importance of social media in business can be understood only once what we have discussed is implemented.

If done correctly, social media marketing can prove really cost-effective in the long run. Because even paid social media campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, are less expensive today than other advertising options like search engine ads. This means that the return on investment is higher.

If you want to success, jumping on the social media car is no longer a matter of choice. Your company needs it. Every company needs it. The value of corporate social media is more popular than ever.

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