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Social Media Management

Do you even exist if you’re not on social media? You do, but people tend to forget you. Slightly less than half, or to be precise 45% of the world population are on social media and they spend, on average 2 hours and 23 minutes every day. The conclusion is pretty self-evident – no self-respecting business that aims to have a successful marketing strategy will miss out the opportunity to keep a strong presence on social media.

Unfortunately, many business owners and managers don’t fully understand social media and how it works. Keeping a social media presence for a business is different than running a personal profile, it is much different. The access has to be data-driven with customer support as a key element.

Moreover, different social media are more suitable for different businesses, depending on the types of products and services they are offering. For instance, if your products are more visual and can be presented through that medium, you ought to be on Instagram, whereas if you’re more about catchy sentences and wise thoughts, Twitter is the place to be.

While you can log in to your personal profile whenever you like and post, pretty much whatever you like, the social media presence for a business has to be in accordance with a marketing plan and has to be constant. That’s why we are here – to manage your social media for you and ensure that your customers and potential customers will be informed and entertained, which will ensure that they keep coming back.

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VISIVA is founded by a group of marketing professionals with 10+ experience years in the area, we are old enough to be skilled and well-versed, yet young enough to be in touch with the latest trends.

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