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Paid Search Management

There are certain keywords for which you simply have to rank, and you need to show up at the top of Google page 1. Now, that is no easy task and while it can be achieved via SEO, but SEO takes time. With paid search management you can ensure that you will get the right traffic at the right price.

We will ensure that you target the right keywords at the right price. Anybody can throw money on paid search marketing, but the point is to have profitable campaigns and that is what we’ll ensure.

Optimization is the key to paid search management, but that’s why you’re hiring us, right?! We will stay on top of things and we will constantly be doing analysis of current campaigns and calculating if we can improve them and how. After all, if you’re paying, you have to be certain that your money is spent efficiently. We will let the numbers do the talking, because everything else is pointless.

You give us a budget and we will give you successful paid search campaigns. Paid search can be a double-edged dagger, so our goal always is to minimize the risk and maximize the profits.

Paid search is best used in combination with other digital marketing techniques like SEO. We offer full accountability, you will know where your money goes to the last cent and you will know why. We will only pay for profitable keywords and the campaigns will be fully scaled regularly.

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VISIVA is founded by a group of marketing professionals with 10+ experience years in the area, we are old enough to be skilled and well-versed, yet young enough to be in touch with the latest trends.

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