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Google Display Advertising

You’re looking for something? Anything? Where do you first go – Google of course. We use Google to find all sorts of information  on a wide range of topics. Statistics show that three quarters of all internet use Google, which means that Google isn’t only the most used search engine, it is three times more used than all other engines combined.

The right placement on Google can work wonders for you. However, Google Display is not for the inexperienced, it is an area of digital marketing you got to be careful about. Anybody can do Google Display Advertising and most of them do, but how successful are they, really?

Most Google users have seen so many Google ads that they have become immune and they tend to ignore them.

You want to make sure that people notice your Google Ads? Well, it’s not just enough to throw money at the problem, it would be better to throw the right amount of money in the right direction. And that’s what we’re here to ensure – namely, that your marketing efforts won’t go unnoticed. We understand Google, but more importantly, we understand advertising, and we know a thing or two about display.

There are four types of Google Display Ads:

  1. Text Ads – the name says it all, these are ads similar to those that appear in paid search advertising, it’s just text. Get the right message and you’ll get the right customers.
  2. Image – A picture is a thousand words – so, you do the math.
  3. Rich media Ads – rich media includes animations, gifs, and all those fancy things that young people are into.
  4. Video Ads – crème de la crème of Google Display Ads, these ads when done properly will keep your potential clients interested.

You don’t have to decide right away, and doesn’t have to be one of those either, we can carefully consider all options and make a decision together.

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VISIVA is founded by a group of marketing professionals with 10+ experience years in the area, we are old enough to be skilled and well-versed, yet young enough to be in touch with the latest trends.

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